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Handicap Results

Driver Comp No Previous Best Practice
H’cap Run
Diff. Best H’cap
Chmp Pts
Ian Parmenter 20 68.01 70.77 68.97 0 68.00 68.28 66.30 0 -1.70 66.30 1 11
Dave Hampton 31 54.41 60.85 56.74 0 54.95 55.07 54.96 0 0.01 54.96 2 10
 Lyn Bird  19  70.57 76.15 72.48 0 70.50 70.99 71.55  0 0.49 70.99  3  9
Tony Shute 30  57.49* 60.88 57.95 0 57.00 57.54 57.96 0 0.54 57.54 4 8
Jane Millward 21  65.08 68.11 66.69 0 64.75 65.84 65.55 0 0.80 65.55 5 7
Steve Millward 721  64.98 68.97 66.12 0 64.75 66.44 65.61 0 0.86 65.61 6 6
Geoff Stallard 16  60.13 64.96 62.19 0 60.00 61.49 61.31 0 1.31 61.31 7 5
Jon Dobson 23  58.11 66.42 63.38 0 59.50 61.71 61.05 0 1.55 61.05 8 4
John Palmer 29  57.55 62.99 60.14 0 57.60 60.15 59.84 0 2.24 59.84 9 3
Dick Swindall 22  62.94 70.29 66.49 0 63.50 65.97 65.76 0 2.26 65.76 10 2
Chris Westwood 15  66.06* 73.31 71.50 0 68.00 70.94 71.19 0 2.94 70.94 11 1
Grayham Parker 17  59.73* 69.45 67.41 0 63.00 66.95 66.55 0 3.55 66.55 2 0
Keith Bristow 18 N/A FAIL 68.80 0 60.00 68.13 66.61 0 6.61 66.61 13 -1
Stephen Palmer 25 N/A 82.25 76.76 0 63.00 74.34 75.18 0 11.34 74.34 14 -2
Keith Wilford 26 65.46* 84.46 83.24 0 63.00 135.50 FAIL 0 72.50 135.50 15 -3


Paul Matty Sportscars Lotus Championship 2016 – Loton 14th May

Circuit Loton Park
Date Saturday 14 May 2016
Race Report
The first event of the double header at Loton was blessed with some great weather.  In fact I was absolutely certain the weekend would be dry as,  hinted at in the Shelsley report, I had bitten the bullet and finally, after 20 years, had moved to cut slicks rather than full slicks.   All the faffing about at Shelsley had been the final nail in the coffin (but fortunately not in the tyre).We were a fairly depleted class compared with our normal numbers as the Shelsley area residents were away watching the Monaco historic stuff.   First timers here were Keith Bristow and Stephen Palmer.   David Gidden was back from Canada and was entered as was Lyn Bird.So, strangely, there was only six cars in the race class, three of which were 23B’s.Tony Shute had got his 69 finished and very good it looked too, together, as a nod to the Exposé, with transparent side panels.

I know Mr Matty does not like Loton much but I must say that it is probably, along with Harewood, my favourite track.   It is a relatively long hill and its technical nature makes a very enjoyable challenge.


In view of Mr Matty’s absence I had coerced Dave Hampton to assist me with the handicapping.   This was not going to be easy as there were new drivers, new cars, new engines etc., to make establishing the baselines very challenging.


Apart from our class, like last year, for the rest of the competitors it was a two day meeting.  It was two one day meetings for us and that worked really well as far as I was concerned.   We were going to be first class off and although David Gidden had warmed up his 23B earlier when he came to prepare for the first run the car would not start.  Grayham Parker had a struggle getting the Exige started as the various electrical systems seemed to be fighting one another.  Anyway, after some sort of CTRL-ALT-DEL he got it going to join the back end of the class.   Steve Millward was, as he often tells me, in a class of his own and we had to wait for him to ascend the hill and then come back down for Jane to take over before the rest of us could have a go.

Most of us had impressed on the new drivers at Loton – Keith B and Stephen P, to take it very steadily on the first runs as there was a lot to learn.   Stephen took the advice to heart and had a steady first climb.   Keith Bristow however was less circumspect and did not take into account both the relative slowness of the required entry into Museum and also the fact that the car goes very light as you crest the rise.  He was going too fast and could not brake in time to avoid going straight on into the tyres leaving the Exige looking a bit second hand at the nearside front.

Keith Wilford also had problems with the car coming to a stop between Fallow and Museum.  He got the car going again but not without bringing out the red flags behind him.  Tony Shute had a good run in his new car though only after having some issues with the scrutineers who complained about a lack of an FIA sticker inside his quite new helmet.

Our second practice was before lunch and, despite much assistance from Steve Millward, Keith W and others, and many swaps of parts, David Gidden could still not elicit any life from the engine and could not take part.  The had been much effort spent on checking over Keith’s Exige and then after patching together with much duct tape, it was passed again by a scrutineer.    As would be expected everyone was faster than first time up, even Keith Wilford, who though again ground to a halt after Fallow and Keith Bristow made it to the top in one piece this time.  Tony Shute was within half a second of his Exposé PB.


Dave Hampton and I sat down to do the handicaps and generally, for the unchanged cars (or so we thought) made the handicaps on or a little easier than PB’s.


With the way we slotted into this meeting our two competition runs were going to be back to back as the first two batches after lunch.   Keith Wilford was sure the problem was fuel starvation and was trying to figure a solution.

Steve Millward, still in the class of his own went up to record a 66.44, about 1.6 seconds over handicap. Chris Westwood was next up, first in our main class and set a 70.94 in the Elise 111R, some three seconds off his target.   Geoff Stallard was closing in on his 60 second handicap with a 61.49.   It was Grayham P’s first time here in the Exige 260 Cup and his 66.95 compared with the 63 second target we had given him.  In the circumstances Keith Bristow was still cautious with a climb of 68.13 but we had set him a 60 second target, the same as Geoff Stallard.      Lyn Bird had a good shot at it and her 70.99 was only 0.49 over and 0.42 away from her old PB.   Ian Parmenter was even closer to his goal time with a 68.28 being 0.28 over.   Jane’s 65.84 was quicker than ‘tyre warmer’ Steve’s time and was within a second of her handicap.

Dick set a 65.97 that was some way off the, in retrospect, rather tough 63.50 handicap.  His old 62.94 PB had been set in 2001 and with racier cams.    I was not very pleased with a 61.71, some 2.21 away from target time and light years away from my long standing 58.11 PB.    Stephen Palmer was having some issues with starting his 23B as it appeared the battery was going down.  Nevertheless he continued his sensible improvements with a 74.34.  We had set both him and Keith Wilford a fairly reasonable 63 second target but when Keith had an even worse lack of fuel event that run, his 135.50 was not what he was looking for.

John Palmer was a tad slower than his best practice run but Tony Shute improved again to 57.54 that was 0.54 over.    Dave Hampton was closest to the 54.95 I had set him with the 55.07 being 0.12 over.

So, after the first run, though we had no time to know it nor digest it, it was DH from Ian P and then Lyn.


On our second and therefore final run of the day Steve Millward improved to 65.61 that was 0.86 over.  Chris Westwood was a bit slower to leave him on 2.94 over. Geoff Stallard improved to 61.31 that was 1.31 over.  Grayham Parker took another 0.40 off to finish 3.55 over.   Keith Bristow improved again with a 66.61 that was 6.61 over.  Lyn Bird was a tad slower but Mr Parmenter suddenly found 2 seconds (we’ll have to start testing for banned substances!) and his 66.30. run was 1.70 under handicap.  This handicappers embarrassment was apparently because he had apparently never run Loton with the new engine and suspension fitted some time ago and, of course, he did not do Loton last year.

Jane improved with a 65.55, 0.80 over.  Dick also was a bit quicker on 65.76 that left him 2.26 over.   I tried, if not pulling out all the stops, pulled as many as I could find, for a 61.05 that was 1.55 over.

Stephen Palmer was a bit slower, the stress of the starting problems maybe taking its toll.   Keith Wilford feeling the loss of power at the top of Cedar gave up the unequal struggle and headed direct for the finish paddock from Fallow, much to the surprise of the marshals.   John Palmer was a bit quicker but was still 2.24 over.   Tony Shute was a bit slower than his first run and regaled us at the top of the hill with a detailed analysis of the handling idiosyncrasies of the 69.  Something that only he, with all his experience, could determine.   I suspect that most of the rest of us are limited to understeer or oversteer comments.

Last man Dave Hampton got to with 0.01 of his target with a spirited 54.96.


So the result of that first day was that Ian Parmenter had been firmly settled in first place from Dave Hampton and then a good showing from Lyn in third.

In race scratch it was the customary Hampton, Shute, Palmer (J) order.   With the demise of David Gidden, leaving only five cars in the race class all five scored scratch points.

In Road scratch it was me from Geoff and then Jane in third.


It had been an enjoyable day for most though the 23B’s had not covered themselves in glory and, of course, Keith Bristow’s Exige was destined a trip to Bromsgrove.




Circuit Loton Park
Date Saturday 14 May 2016
How to get there Map / Directions
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Circuit Description

Loton Park Speed Hill Climb course is set in the beautiful surroundings of a deer park owned by Sir Michael Leighton, and is situated 9 miles west of Shrewsbury on the B4393 road in the village of Alberbury. The course is 1475 yards (1349 metres) long with an average gradient of 1 in 25 (4%) and the steepest of 1 in 7 (14%) and is rated as one of the country’s most demanding hills by competitors.

The Club runs a number of events though out the season, which normally runs from Easter to the end of September,  including rounds of the MSA British Championship & The Midland Hill Climb Championship, which cater for the top drivers who run the ultimate in single seater racing cars, together with a number of “Club” events aimed at the “one make” (Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, Aston Martin, MG, Ginetta, TVR etc.) championships or groups (Vintage, Classic, etc.), as well as regional championships.  All events are also rounds of our own LOTON PARK Championship, which covers everyone from first-time competitors to seasoned regulars.

All are welcome to join us either as a spectator, competitor or marshal/official.  More information is available from the Club’s Secretary, Martyn Silcox – clubsec@hdlcc.com – or 01384 877502.

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