David Hampton

Profession Marketing Director
Home Town South Leverton
About The Driver

I have been competing in hill climbs since 1999, first of all in the Lotus Elan which I bought from Harry Metcalfe of “EVO” magazine fame.  I then sold the Elan and bought my Lotus 69.  I have won the Paul Matty Sportscars Lotus Championship outright twice in the Elan and managed to win on scratch three times in the 69.  I changed the 1600 BDD engine (which was originally built by Nicholson McLaren) for a 2 litre BDG in 2011.  For 2012 I replaced the CWP in the gearbox.  There are no modifications planned for 2017.  The car has already scored some class records and is one of the quickest in the current group.

About The Car:

Model Lotus 69 F2 “Atlantic”
Year 1970
Engine Size 2000

The Lotus 69 was a works car built for Peter Wardle in 1970 and raced for 2 years in the “Yellow Pages” Atlantic series.  It was then sold to South Africa and again raced in the Atlantic series.  It was restored in 1999 then returned to the UK in 2000 and raced in the Historic F2 class.  The designer, Dave Baldwin used square tube for the chassis which proved to be stiffer and stronger than the conventional round tube.