Ian Parmenter

Home Town Stourbridge
About The Driver

Had a year off and now back for this season.

Hillclimb / Racing Experience

About The Car:

Model Lotus Elan S4 FHC Type 36
Year 1968
Engine Size 1587

UUK 700G (Eric) was orignally registered in Wolverhampton in October 1968 (I don’t know whether it was kit built) and changed hands many, many times in the 70s, so much that the original log book was filled and renewed in the 70s.  The car gradually drifted South and ended up in Bristol in the early 80s.  It was allegedly rebuilt in the early – mid 80s by “an engineer” working at the Lotus factory (Paul still maintains that looks like a Lotus fix, and with lots of sound-deadening stuck everywhere there’s nothing to suggest this is true).  Certainly since I bought the car from Paul in 1987 I’ve only managed to lose, replace or simply break any original parts the car once had.  I daren’t weigh it.

The bits I’ve lost are mainly small screws and trim items, mainly bits of carpet and sound-deadening that were once properly stuck down but now aren’t.

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