Jon Dobson

Profession Retired
Home Town Rugby
About The Driver

Vice Chairman or Chairman of the Lotus Drivers Club during the 80’s and early 90’s. Also ran a Lotus restoration business ‘Excalibre Engineering’ on a part time basis. This ceased in 1994 as I became too busy working on my +2 and also tired of long cold nights in the garage!

Hillclimbing and Sprinting is just right for me as I get too tired driving competitively for much over a minute

Hillclimb / Racing Experience

Of life – too much. Have competed in the PMS Championship virtually since its inception in the early 90’s

About The Car:

Model Lotus Elan +2S 130/5
Year 1973
Engine Size 1950

Purchased the car in January 1975.

Built by myself.
BDT alloy block bored to 87mm.
Dry sumped
Farndon steel crank and rods
Omega Forged Pistons
New QED head machined by Exon Racing
QED 450 cams
Fuel injected & DTA engine management mapped by QED
No distributor, crank sensing.
Custom built (BTB) stainless, side exit, exhaust system
Ark Racing geared starter
Power 204 bhp @ 6,700
Torque 182 lb ft @ 5,000

Quaife 4 speed close ratio synchro box 2.25 1st (self built)
Mag case
Alloy bell housing
Alloy tail shaft
Concentric clutch slave cylinder (Ark Racing)

Final Drive
4.4 CWP (original Ford)
Quaife torque sensing LSD
Alloy diff nose
Magnesium diff carrier
TT output shafts
Spyder drive shafts (incl 1 rotoflex)
Spyder output drive shafts.

Spyder space frame

Spyder solid bushed wishbones
Front and rear also rose jointed for adjustment

Dual circuit
Wilwood Dynalite 4 pot front calipers
Std rear callipers with handbrake mechanism removed

Wheels and Tyres
Front – 8 inch wide 13″ Minilites
8.2×20 Avon crossply slicks
Rear – 9 inch wide Minilites
9.0×20 Av

Previous Cars

Only previous Lotus was an Elan S3 S/E built in June 1967 (LJB618E) from a kit bought from Mike Spence’s garage in Reading. Kept it for 3 years and sold it after rolling it and somewhat losing confidence. Rebuilt by Bell and Colvill I sold it for £950. Oh dear!