Paul Matty

Profession MD
Home Town Shelsley Kings
About The Driver

I have been a Lotus fanatic almost from the cradle. After gaining much experience I started Paul Matty Sports Cars in 1976 and am still crazy about Lotus cars after all these years.

This will be our 25th season of the Paul Matty Sportscars Lotus Championship.  When I formed it all those years ago, I never imagined it would have lasted so long, or evolved into what it is today.  I am very proud of the Championship and the great bunch of people who take part in it.  There have been some great friendships formed which, had it not been for the Championship, would probably never have happened.

Hillclimb / Racing Experience

Started hill climbing at the tender age of 40 after competing in the odd track day, Club sprints etc. and formed the Lotus Championship the very next year.   I have been competing in the Lotus 35 F2 for a few years now, and still enjoy it immensely.  No major changes again for this season, still chasing a sub-31 seconds at Shelsley.  Ah, maybe one day!  More competition this year in the form of Malcom Thorne’s 35.  Let the battle commence!

About The Car:

Model Lotus Type 35 F2
Year 1965
Engine Size 1600

The only Lotus 35 fitted with a Lotus twin cam engine, the car was found in a derelict state in a museum in Germany by James Hunt (sadly, not THE James Hunt).  The irony of it was he popped in to see me and asked if I wanted to buy it, but I declined.

He sold it to a man who took it to Peter Denty for restoration.  After it was fully restored, the man drove the car a couple of times then put it up for sale.  It was purchased by a friend of mine and after 12 months he sold it to me.

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