Report 03/04/22



A planned test day at Curborough in March was cancelled due to a quarter of those signed up for it having COVID so it was left to the individual to test.  So, most of the 17 who entered for our meeting on Sunday did the Saturday meeting on the club circuit to get back into the swing after not competing at Anglesey for a few years.

We have a few changes for the 2022 season.  We welcome Adrian Reed into our fold. After hill climbing an Elise in the past, he has decided to start racing again and has upgraded to the single seater class by buying Clive’s 61.  Clive has bought Mark Goodyear’s 59/69 in lovely Castrol livery.  Keith W has sold his 23B and bought a very pretty pistachio green Elan Sprint (with matching harnesses).  Malcolm was using the 69 and with Dave H, Tony W, Tony S, Sarah (when her new knee allows), Clive and me, we now have 7 69’s competing, interesting! Geoff had rolling road issues with his 61 so he brought the Elan until the 61 is mended, with Iain sharing, of course.

Sunday dawned bright and after we’d scraped the ice from our cars(!) the sun shone and we lined up for our first run using the international circuit, which is fast! A new alteration since our last outing there was the return route back to the paddock.  In the past it used to be back down past the cars lining up to go out which was always a bit dicey but the new route was a sharp left after the finish line taking the back way to the paddock.  Much better!

The Saturday-ers predictably did quite good first runs.  Adrian did an impressive run, considering it’s the first time he’s driven a single seater and never at Anglesey and what can we say about Iain who went straight out and 105.57! Picking up where he left off last year. Tony W also had a good run and the only one to get a sub-100 time of 95.59. The rest of us did steady runs to warm up for second practice, which came around quite quickly.

Sadly, Dick had a big problem on second practice with third gear which decided to disintegrate as he rounded the final bend which meant the end of his competition.  After all the effort he had made to get an entry, it was a cruel blow. Everyone else had a steady improvement but Paul was still having problems with his gears. Clive was getting to grips and enjoying the 59/69 and Tony, Malcolm and Dave H were the only sub-100.

Paul and Clive retreated to work out the handicaps and had to be quite quick as our first practice was going to be run before lunch.

Iain, as expected, did a cracking run of 98.90 and again, everyone else reduced their times without any incidents.  So, we came to the final run.  Iain overcooked it on the last bend so his first timed run was his best, as it also was for Paul (gearbox again!) Clive, Dave G ,Maclolm and Stephen P.  Adrian managed to get a 99.45, Tony W pipped Dave H by 0.84 and the rest of us improved slightly.  Final positions were the Super Stallards in first (Iain) and second (Geoff) with Steve M in third, June fourth, Adrian with a very respectable fifth for his first event with us, then Dave G, Tony W, Keith W, Pete and Dave H making the top ten.

A mention to Longton & District Motor Club for the excellent running of the event which gave everyone at least one more run if they wanted it, which a few of us did.