Report 05/06/21

Shelsley Walsh Report 5th June 2021


With the change to the regulations, it was nice getting back to some familiarities with spectators on the hill and all the garages being used. It was noticed that there were more single seaters than saloon cars which makes a change.

Jonathan and Briony arrived with their Elise overheating.  After a quick look over, water was added with no serious problems found, but when they reached the waiting line for the first practice the water poured out. Unfortunately, that was game over for both of them.  Dick had fitted a new set of tyres but after travelling 300 miles from home, they were bedded in and ready for action.

All went well for our first practice run except for David Gidden in 23B who had a ‘sucky’ problem with his air filters which was restricting the air flow to only 45 mph but the problem was sorted in time for the next run.

 June Matty was given a solution to remove a chock from her wheel whilst sitting in the car with the aid of a line attached to it but when she pulled it the chock didn’t move and after some frantic waving, Roy Bury came to her rescue.

Upon returning to the pits there were some issued with other inconsiderate competitors opposite the road car spaces taking up a bit too much room making it difficult to manoeuvre back into the garages.  This was especially difficult for John Palmer who caught one of the struts then decided to make life easier and park elsewhere for the rest of the day.

Our practice runs came and went, fortunately without any incidents. The sun continued to shine, giving Heather Lewis time to catch up with her sleep and at lunchtime Kenny Lewis found a new use for his rear wing as a picnic table.

Straight after lunch we were off for our first timed run. Before this Clive Buffey and Dave Hampton decided that there were marginal gains needed then after the run realised, they needed major gains!

There was an announcement just before our class began their run that the Red Arrows would be flying over in five minutes.  The first few road going cars to reach the top of the hill were lucky enough to see them.   Again, everyone finished the run without any problems.

We then had to wait until the end of the meeting for our final timed run. During this time Marion Hampton was trying to motivate Karen by suggesting that there was a handbag in the sale at the top of the hill and she had to beat her handicap to get it but the shop was closed when she got there as she did not beat her best time!

Our second timed run began with Malcolm Thorne being victorious over Sarah Thorne this time.  Sarah generously gave him a victory sign!  However, Sarah achieved maximum points on handicap. Well done, Sarah.

Stephen Palmer was pleased as he had beaten David Gidden with just 10th of a second between them.  Although no one beat their personal bests, we all manage to find some good times and just 0.76 of a second separated the top 7 positions. Steve Millward continues to be competitive by finishing third and Jane is getting her confidence back after being unable to compete at all last year due to her knee injury.  Pete also managed to get into the points again.  The more mature members of our championship are still up there!!

We came back down the hill showing our appreciation to the great job that the Marshall do at Shelsley Walsh.

Yet another entertaining round of our Championship with this being summed up by June Matty saying “What a fantastic social day interrupted by motor racing!”

On to Prescott 20th June.