Report 1/05/21

Paul Matty Sportscars Lotus Championship

Shelsley Walsh – Saturday 1st May 2021


What a strange event! The weather was cold with intermittent rain showers. The track was very green and cold which made it extremely difficult to find grip of the line. All our cars including Keith Bristow and Tim Grasby first outing in their 2-Eleven and the Stallards in the Elan not 61, managed to achieve their first practice run without any major problems then the waiting began. With several other cars having accidents, we finally managed to get our second practice run amidst some of us avoiding light showers, just before lunch.

Straight after lunch we were out for our first timed run. The track had improved with more rubber down with only Iain Stallard and Pete Bottrill beating their handicap. The meeting then came to an unfortunate stoppage as Brian had and incident after Top Ess. Fortunately, Brian did not break anything, but the car was less lucky. After a short break, the event resumed and the rest of the Championship did their timed run.

Then the waiting began again. The rain came and went so did the time. As the day went by our last time run was going to be very late in the afternoon, so many of us decided to forfeit our last timed run with only four of us deciding to complete. As the weather improved slightly but only the rain master Tony Shute was able to produce his best time of the day.

Hopefully, the weather will be better at our next event at Loton Park.