Report 16/05/21

Shelsley Walsh Sunday 16th May 2021


What difference day makes! The sun was shining and it felt a lot warmer.

Off came the car covers and all the cars started except Sarah Thorne’s Lotus 20/22, fortunately Roy Bury’s magic was about and as soon as he came close the car started!

We were first ones off again in the meeting and were told via June Matty, who had been informed by another competitor, that there was mud on the track by ‘Triangle’. Our practice runs began, although the track was still a little slippy in other places, even catching Paul who sent the car sideways approaching the first corner, everyone completing their run except June Matty who aborted her lap at ‘Triangle’ after catching the mud that she warned everyone about! Malcolm Thorne’s Lotus 69 F2 had been tweaked and was sounding beautiful.

A group decision was made to run the same as the day before, with one practice run and two-timed runs, as the weather was too unpredictable and the forecast was for more rain.

The time passed with only a few light showers our first run was upon us. All cars headed up with no issues until Kenny Lewis passed the finishing line, tried to see his time, and span the car. This then brought out the red flags for Malcolm Thorne then subsequently David Hampton. David managed to turn around at ‘Fallow’ but Malcolm was unable to. So as David headed back for his re-run, they brought the rest of us down followed by Malcolm to do his re-run.

Straight after lunch it was time for our final run. After a bit of confusion on whether we were being called to the line, off we went again with Pete Bottrill enjoying his new set of tyres. All was good until Stephen Palmer decided to take the original line down into ‘Triangle’, making friends with some flappy paddles on the way, then aborting the lap. Everyone’s time improved and yet again it was a very tight on the handicap with June Matty coming out on top.

When the results were announced June could not believe that she was taking the top spot.

Congratulations June, the Championship is going to be very interesting in this 30th year!