Report 20/06/21

Prescott Report – 20th June 2021

This event was slightly different from our previous events this year as all the racing and road cars were mixed up. Although we thought the weather would be against us it did improve during the day, as did the track.

Being in the second batch we were off quite early which caught Paul by surprise.  As he prepared to start, he put his cup of tea down on his car and forgot about it, then pulled away. Then there was a ‘thud’ – the cup had turned upside down leaking tea into the cockpit of the car! A good contender for the ‘Dipstick’ award?

We all completed our first practice run without any problems, but with the track incredibly slippery times were slow.  Someone commented we were having more value for money being on the track longer. Keith Wilford said he had enjoyed himself as his car was wheel spinning in every gear.

After lots of cups of tea and brunch treats for all, we were ready for our second practice run. As we began to line up to the start, with the light rain being intermittent, June rolled down to join the line.  When she pressed the start button, she saw sparks down by her left leg and swiftly pulled off to one side and was pushed back to her paddock space. Everyone else ran well and times were greatly improving as the track began to dry out a little. Unfortunately, as Stephen Palmer came down the return road his oil light came on and when checked found there was no oil pressure. So, it was game over for Stephen.

Fortunately, the event was still running practise laps, so Paul and Roy came to June’s rescue and sorted out an earthing problem and she went out a couple of batches later improving on her first practice run.

Great lunchtime! Time to sort out the handicaps. After a fantastic job from Helen Palmer and Marion Hampton inputting the practice run times into the computer. Paul, Dave Hampton and Clive huddled together to work out the handicaps. With consideration of people’s previous times at Prescott and weather conditions, the times were set.

As we were the second batch out and with several red flags lunch seemed to last quite a long time for a change. During this time Anthony Shute’s car tyres were being use for seats. Then it was decided that in fact instead of just seats, it was tyre warming for Anthony. It was ironic that appropriately, David Gidden was sitting on the larger rear tyre and Clive Buffey was sitting on the smaller front tyre.

It was time for our first timed run. As we fired up the engines, Keith Wilford’s fuel pump switch suddenly decided to stop working. Yet again Roy came to the rescue and fixed the problem and off Keith went. We were informed that the track was dry at the bottom but still damp at the top. It was all to play for and everyone was ready for the challenge. Even Karen managed to beat her previous Personal best.

The event was running very smoothly and we were soon out for our second timed run. In preparation for this Kenny Lewis was having a lovely Father’s Day with his son Andrew who was giving him some driver’s coaching. Kenny has also noticed that one of his stickers had flown off during his previous run and jokingly said he would look for it on his way up. Whether Andrew’s advice helped or not Kenny did a superb time as he flew up the track to win on scratch .

All-in-all, a most enjoyable day with Sarah Thorne taking the top spot and 11 points. Well done again Sarah.  With no bar on the competitor’s side, we celebrated with ice creams all round – a first for the Championship!