Richard Swindall

Profession Retired Chartered Engineer
Home Town Newton Mearns
About The Driver

Son of Len Swindall. “Bentley Boys” mechanic and Rolls Royce Merlin development engineer. Time served locomotive engineer, thence 15 years sea-going engineer and 32 years ship management.

35 years in competition with a total of over 300 sprints and hill climbs.  7 times class winner Scottish Sprint Championship.  Runner up PMS Championship once.

Hillclimb / Racing Experience

About The Car:

Model Elan S4 Elan S3
Engine Size 1652

S4:  Built from kit in 1970.  530,000 miles.  300+ competition events.

S3:  Purchased 2001.  Rebuilt 2000/2004.  26,000 miles.  22 competition events.

Previous Cars