Stephen Hopkins

Home Town Oxford
About The Driver

Clean license, unsure how,  Started competing in 2013.

Hillclimb / Racing Experience

About The Car:

Model Lotus Elise
Year 1999
Engine Size 1796

Bought in 2013, it’s pretty much a standard S1 Elise.  It started out grey but then I crashed it where Uncle John said that I shouldn’t, so I mended it and resprayed it white with a burgundy stripe.  There’s a rear spoiler like you’d find on an Elise Sport 160 and it has slightly poncy two-tone alloys that I painted with some £5 rattle cans.  It’s a pretty car on the outside but still a complete shed on the inside – the seats are more threadbare than a tramp’s underpants.  The engine internals are as they were when they left the factory and are still going strong after 104,000 miles (a testament to Rover K-Series reliability!!), but there’s a fancy 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and larger bore backbox bolted onto it.  It’s got slightly newer Bilstein dampers from an S2 Elise and I’ve fitted some brake discs (AP) and pads (Carbon Lorraine) that actually stop the car.  Jon Dobson and Pete Bottrill can confirm that the spark plugs are in good working order, as of May 2015.  There’s a sticker with an image of the Hindu god, Ganesh on the side of the car (for good luck) and the stereo has stopped working.  I can’t work out why so it’s just acting as ballast.

Previous Cars

Started out with a 1985 1.2L Vauxhall Nova (the ugly one with the enormous boot).  Graduated to a mighty 1.4L Peugeot with 75bhp before assuming the Lotus position in 2001 with an S2 Elise.  Current fleet includes a 1999 S1 Lotus Elise, a 2000 Lotus 340R and a couple of practical German runabouts.